“Alexa and the clouds”

Or: My story about the winter semester in English

Pupils were given the task to write a summary of how they experienced English classes during the winter semester. One student, who goes by the pen-name “Alexa”, chose a creative and personal approach and wrote a fairy-tale like story.

As a story of hard work, persistence, and hope, may it inspire other students who sometimes struggle with English!

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Alexa. A few months ago, in September, Alexa tried to enjoy every sunbeam she got. One day there were clouds in the sky, so she could not see the sun and any sunbeam. First, she accepted it, because she knew she couldn’t do anything about it. Some weeks later, the sun was still missing. Alexa knew she had to change something. Every day she tried to blow the clouds away, but it was really difficult, and nothing changed. It was hard for her to be strong and not to resign. One day she had an idea: Her parents were not strong enough to help her blow away the clouds, but her boyfriend was. She asked her boyfriend for help, and so he did and tried to help her change the sky. She could see how the clouds were moving a little bit, but the sun was still missing. She knew she had to get more power in her lungs, so she decided to train her lungs and to try it again later, when she felt stronger. At home she practiced hard to become more powerful. A few days later, after practice, she tried it again. She thought she had trained hard enough and that she could do it. Two hours later, after trying to change something, she went home crying. Nothing had changed. She was so sad that she didn´t even try it again in the next days. During the next days, a gardener came and asked where she had been these days. She explained that she was too sad to give it another try and that now she accepted that the sun would never shine again. The gardener talked to her and tried to give her more faith. Since that day, both were working together, and Alexa tried to blow the clouds away every day. Over the weeks, she could see that the clouds were moving away slowly and she could feel a few sunbeams. Not a lot, but a few. Alexa liked the gardener, who was trying to create a positive and humorous atmosphere. Alexa saw that the gardener was helping all the people who were struggling with clouds and bad weather, so she didn´t feel lonely with these problems. Now, on 7 January, Alexa reached her goal: She knows she has to train more to blow all the clouds away, but for now she is happy that she can see the sun and feel some sunbeams. Sometimes it feels hard to reach a goal, but if you reach it, you will be very happy about your ambitions.


clouds = troubles with English

sun = English (and studying English)

two hours = English test

gardener = English teacher

7 January = my English teacher told me I would get a good grade