The Ten Commandments of Social Media Use

Based on a text we‘ve read on the internet, my year 2 students brainstormed “The Ten Commandments of Social Media Use” in our English lesson – the result is more than presentable, which is why we’d like to share it with you.
 Christian Blinzer

I. Thou shalt be careful.
II. Thou shalt not give too much information about yourself and others (friends and family).
III. Thou shalt not resort to cyberbullying.
IV. Thou shalt not post pictures that might affect your career.
V. Thou shalt not insult other people.
VI. Thou shalt know that the Internet never forgets.
VII. Thou shalt not spend too much time on social media.
VIII. Thou shalt not catfish.
IX. Thou shalt use all the functions on social media wisely.
X. Thou shalt not judge other people based on their social media profiles.