“You’ve got three minutes. Write down whatever crosses your mind.”

Sometimes this fairly simple task is all it takes on a dark, cold afternoon in a dark, cold English class to elicit some rather fabulous short text from my “after school club” students. We discussed the “writing to learn” approach to writing – and why discuss it when you can do it? So they wrote. Of course, there’s some groaning and moaning first. No, they say, they don’t really feel like writing, they say. Still, they produced some texts worth sharing.
Christian Blinzer

I don’t want to write. But right now I am writing a text about not knowing what to write. I am supposed to write something brilliant for the homepage but all I am writing right now doesn’t even make sense, does it? I know I’ve written “write” about eight times in the last minute and my English teacher wouldn’t be happy with this text. Repetition. But it’s okay, because I am okay with that. I hope that Mr. Blinzer will say something soon, because I am kinda bored and I want to stop writing. (Did you realize that I hadn’t used “write” for like one sentence? Ha ha.)

I just really can’t believe how tired I am. It feels I haven’t slept for ages. God, I wanna go home and sleep in my bed. How am I supposed to have lessons that time of day, that’s ridiculous. OMG, thinking of Harry Potter again. Teddy Lupin. Well, either I should really get help or just one week of sleep. IF that’s long enough. All this studying is bananas, I really wanna go home. I just wanna marry my bed. I remember the good old days when coffee helped me stay awake, I need another one.

My teacher Mr. Blinzer said that we can write a few sentences if we want to. But I’m not motivated and I don’t even know why I am still writing. Currently, I feel very stressed because of school and I don’t want to write anything. Anyway, now I want to finish school and get a job as a nursery school teacher. And when I’ve earned enough money, I’ll pass my driver’s licence, as well and I might even word hard and pursue some further studies. I might even become a female police officer. Time is up, these were my sentences, over and out.

Last week I found a dollar. It was a special dollar, because no one was able to pick it up from the ground and everyone wanted to know why. Then I wanted to give it a try and it didn’t work, either. So we all tried to fix this problem together, but we couldn’t find a solution. People with a high IQ tried it, very strong people tried it, but no one got the dollar from the ground. Lat at night, an old man came and saw the dollar, he had no home and no family, only a little dog and he went on his knees and took the dollar. The old man simply took it. So I went to him and asked how he did it and he looked at me and asked why I wanted to know, I told him no one else was able to do that. He didn’t tell me. Till today, nobody knows how the old man with the dog did it.

It’s past 3 p.m. and we are sitting in the classroom with Mr. Blinzer. His pullover says “Hummel”, or bumblebee in English, and next to it, there’s a pictogram of this animal. He asked us to write for a few minutes about anything we’d like. I had to move and sit next to S., because I didn’t have my handout with me. And oh no, I left my nuts at my desk where I usually sit. Next lesson we’ll have Pedagogics and Theory of Education for After School Club. After school, my boyfriend will visit me at my place to watch the latest episode of Riverdale, but he will leave early as I’ll have to go to bed early. I need more sleep. The last few days my body felt weak and I had a headache all the time. When I was younger, my mum made me take some pills to feel better, but nowadays I’m against this idea just because I don’t wanna become addicted. Last night I slept a full of ten hours and I’m so proud of myself for sleeping so this much. Today I am much more concentrated in school and my mum said I do look better. I don’t even ‘need’ any coffee (which I don’t want to drink too much, either).

In a few months time, my life will look completely different. Another country? A different language and surrounded by people I’m not familiar with? Or will I stay at home and find a way to live the way I want to? I will miss this. If I could, I would be in this class for another year and spend time with these lovely – and sometimes silly – people. Just to have an everyday convo with my best friend or just to argue with a teacher. Of course, we’re a small class, but everyone is aware of the fact that we are badass. I will take so many memories with me.

Once upon a time, there was a little rat. This little rat’s name was Tom and it lived in the attics of a huge house. One day, the little rat got visitors. The visitors were three bats who’s furs were blue, yellow and green respectively. Their names were Ally, Samy and Vicy. The all loved eating fresh bananas and enjoyed flying over the big, big house. So, when they visited the little rat Tom, they all had a fine feast with bread, apples, raspberries, chocolate and of course bananas. Suddenly, Samy got up and said that there was a big storm coming up, and they all had to find a safe place to stay.

Yesterday I was walking along a path that looked endless. It was blue with yellow points on top. While I was looking around, I heard a noise. It was loud and made my body shake. After a few seconds of being shock-frosted, I saw a fluffy little ball with two eyes and a big smiling mouth in front of me. It greeted me nicely and said I should follow it, so I did. We walked past big and frightening trees, flowers looking like sweets and crazy animals.