Home we’ll go

Our long journey home started on Friday. After saying goodbye to our hostfamilies, everyone took a seat on the bus. While some people continued sleeping, others were talking, listening to music or eating a literal “midnight-snack”. The two hours from Paignton to the airport in Bristol passed really quickly.

Next, we found ourselves in the middle of an airport, faced with the challenge of having to wait. For 3 hours. 😁. So we had some creative ideas like falling asleep again, talking, taking a nice walk, going to the toilet (a lot), eating, weighing our suitcases (just to make sure, the weight wasn’t over the limit) or sitting on the stairs of an escalator (and repeating this for a thousand times).

At 5 o’clock, we went to the security check and relaxed in the waiting-area of the airport. Some of us went on a food-hunt, others slept again. Our group came together at ca. 7 o’clock and off we were on our way to “Gate 12”. When we arrived there, we had to wait for ca. 10 minutes and finally found our way onto the airplane. These two hours in the plane passed really quickly, yet we still had enough time to think and talk about the whole journey.

Even though it was really exhausting sometimes, I’m sure to say that everybody in this group grew from the whole experience, including the nursery schools, living in a host family and being a student in a language school. We had two amazing weeks in a beautiful city, being surrounded by wonderful people in the nursery placements and in the homestays.

Personally, we would describe it as one of the best experiences in our lives so far!

Bericht und Fotos: Karin Koman & Isabella Hirsch, 3A