Praxiswoche in England: Second day in nurseries and bowling night out

On our second “real” day in Paignton we had already developed some sort of a routine, so I got up at 7:00am and Anja got up at 7:40am. We got ready for school and headed down to breakfast with our lovely host family. At 8:20am we arrived at the Devon School of English and headed up to our classroom. With our amazingly funny teacher Anthony we designed our own festivals in groups of three and presented them to the rest of our class. Then we had lunch at 12:00am.

After lunch we went to our nursery placement at “Braeside Nursery School”. Since it was our second day there, we weren’t very nervous and the children were excited to see us again. Also, we had enough time to do our first activities. While Anja did her maths activity, I was able to read my picture book to the children. The children enjoyed both of our activities a lot and they were proud, because they managed to accomplish the maths activity. At 3:30pm we were done with our placement for the day and went home to our host family.

When we arrived, Ziggy (the dog of our host family) greeted us with our host mother’s slipper in his mouth. Since our host family wasn’t home yet, we went upstairs in our room and got started with our school work (reflections of our placement). Soon after our host family came home we had dinner. After dinner we headed out for our bowling evening in Torquay.

We arrived at 7:30pm and split up in teams of eight and started bowling. Even though we played in teams, it was everyone against everyone. After two awesome hours of bowling we got back on our bus and had an award ceremony. Daniela won with 107 points, while Anja and I both only got 38 points. We arrived home at 9:30pm, got ready for bed and immediately got into our comfy beds, where we fell asleep right away.

Bericht und Fotos: Magdalena Radlmair & Anja Schwarzinger (3B)