Praxiswoche in England: The first day with our host family

On Monday at 11:50pm we arrived at our host family’s house. We were very excited and nervous to meet them, but also exhausted from our journey. When the door got opened, there wasn’t a big family there but rather an elderly lady who received us with a very big smile. So we didn’t get a host mother but a lovely and caring host grandmother! She showed us the main and important things in her house and asked if we wanted a hot drink. Because of our visit at Burger King two hours before we arrived in Paington we were still very full and so we said „No, but thanks“ and went straight to our beds after we carried our BIG suitcases up the VERY narrow stairs (this was more exhausting than our 5(!) hour journey from Vienna to Luton to Paignton!!!!!)

When we came into our room we wondered how spacious it was but quite after that we fell into a very deep sleep until next morning 7:15. We got up and enjoyed a breakfast of cereal, toast, coffee and – of course – traditonal breakfast tea. After half an hour of eating we blessedly asked when our taxi would arrive at the house. She answered in a calm way: „Oh, in about 4 minutes. You can get yourself ready for school.“ Then we jumped up as quickly as we could and ran upstairs to our room (and we usually NEVER really run  :‘)) brushed our teeth and packed our bags for school. It was very stressful and so we left our room in a state of complete chaos.

After our day in school we came back home, opened the door, did some smalltalk with our host grandmother and went upstairs to our room. Suddenly we were shocked! Our 80-year-old ‚granny‘ had cleaned up our whole room! We were so thankful but it was also very embarrassing for us! 10 minutes later we had dinner. We had a nice conversation and delicious British food. This was our first day with our lovely little host granny.

 Bericht und Fotos: Lena Reischer & Nina Stockreiter 3b