Praxiswoche in England: Tag 1

Unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler dritten Klassen wollen Euch und Ihnen mit einem Reisetagebuch einen detaillierten Einblick in ihre Praxiswoche in Paignton (Südengland) geben. Hier der erste Eintrag:

Hello fellow students,
As you all may know, every year the students in year three fly to England for two weeks. They stay with host families and work (or rather do vocational training) at different nursery schools. Over the past ten years, everything has always run smoothly. Until now.

It was planned that we would depart on the 2nd of March in the morning. We were quite shocked to say the least when we found out our flight had been cancelled due to storm Emma. They had closed many airports in the UK because of the blizzard. Our host families told us that many had to leave their cars after a 4 hour wait and walk all the way home. People had to stay where they were. After a lot of calls to the agency that booked our trip, we had to go to school instead of going to the airport.

We did find a solution: We could still make it to Paignton, BUT we had to be divided in three groups. The first group (that’s us) would fly on Sunday, the second and the third one would follow on Monday.

Today we met up at 1:30pm at Vienna Airport. After saying our goodbyes to our families, we started to embark on our journey. Even though our flight was delayed, there were no signs of a blizzard in the sky. After a two-hour flight we finally landed in Bristol. Our group picked up their luggage and right now we are on the bus which is taking us to Paignton. Our host families will greet us in the car park and drive us all to their homes.

We are very excited to make many new experiences with our families, the country with its language and culture and – of course and most importantly of all – the nursery schools. We have to go now – we have almost arrived in Paignton. Fingers crossed.

You will hear from us soon.
Have a nice evening,
Gaia and Anna (3A)

(Bericht und Fotos: Gaia Galizia, Anna Steinbichler)